Almost Alchemy

Reading 1 - overview

Chp. 1 - relationship with money Chp. 2 - loss prevention Chp. 3 - test and split-test Chp. 4 - folow up Chp. 5 - multiple customer value with a “ladder” or “acension pyramid”

How? bundling of goods/services, greater access to the guru, exclusivity, status in the community, status outside the community (e.g. a prestigious accredidation, partnership or affiliation).

Chp. 6 - raising prices Chp. 7 - “Place Strategy” (both geographic and virtual) Chp. 8 - Metrics = Sales Chp. 9 - Understand and manage ROAS “return on ad spend” Chp. 10 - FOUND MONEY MAP

Looks like a good framework and checklist for evaluating a business and it’s potential to increase profits.