Hey, JJTheJetPlane — You need a junior copywriter like me

Because you want to hire the biggest brains and pay enough to keep ‘em happy, but you don’t want to pay too much. I do the same thing myself:

Nine months ago I hired Nicolas in Argentina. He’s a brilliant programmer and he let me hire him for $4/hour. After two weeks I couldn’t take it anymore, I tripled his pay, and I started finding him other jobs that would pay him even more.

Nicolas created beautiful code for me and now I want to make him rich. And I want to get as much work as I can from him now — before he starts charging $200/hour like he should.

My clients and employers get the same kind of deal from me. I see it over and over again: they hire me when I don’t have the experience to demand a high-rate and they do everything they can to keep me happy, before I move on to greener pastures.

In fact, my current employer pays me $100k/year as a programmer and technical manager. They should be paying me 3x that, but they can’t. But to make up for it, I have plenty of free time to take other work and build my own businesses. That free time is why I’m interested in talking with you.

Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get rich.

I’ve got some time to invest into a new skill: I want to be as good at copywriting as I am at engineering. It just seems like a skillset guaranteed to make me rich. And if we work together, I’ll probably help you get rich along the way.

If you take me on as a junior copywriter you are getting desire + raw talent for a cheap price.

In 6 months you’ll be ready to pay me any rate I want.

Walking the walk

I’ve studied copywriting for the past decade, I’ve read John Caples and Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, and every thing Gary Halbert said to read. I’ve hand-copied ads and I’ve watched Dan Kennedy makes sales pitches at the end of presentations that made everyone in the audience jump out of their seats to give him money.

But it was just a hobby. I already had income and copywriting was just for fun.

Now it’s time to get real and get money. Maybe I’ll make money with you. If you’re interested so far, read a little more of my writing and then send me a message.


Here’s an ad I wrote to include inside the Kindle books I sell. It includes some bullets that I had a lot of fun writing: https://studentofmarkets.com/illustrated-chess-bonus

I didn’t include any testimonials or other evidence to support the “raw talent” claim. I believe that evidence is a huge factor in making a sale, but I also believe you’re ready to talk with me and find out for yourself.