Almost Alchemy - /reading/almost-alchemy-dan-kennedy/

Reading 1 - overview

Chp. 1 - relationship with money Chp. 2 - loss prevention Chp. 3 - test and split-test Chp. 4 - folow up Chp. 5 - multiple customer value with a “ladder” or …

Magnetic Business Examples - /notes/magentic-business-examples/

In Magnetic Marketing, Dan Kennedy gives the illustration of a plumber applying a marketing system to his business. What about finding 100 other business (real or hypothetical) and writing an …

Magnetic Marketing - /reading/magnetic-marketing-dan-kennedy/

Reading 1 - overview

chp 1. -

More Ways To Have Fun As A Chess Fan - /posts/illustrated-chess-bonuses/

As a “thank you” for checking out this book, I want to send a free bonus. My team and I develop these bonuses because they’re fun for us, and if you’re a chess fan (or looking for a gift …

The Other Kinds Of Illustrated Chess Books - /posts/illustrated-chess-other-books/

I hope you had fun reading this book. If you did, then you’ll probably enjoy these other kinds of Illustrated Chess books: